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nlp training grad diane"Prepare to be confused, stunned, enlightened, brightened, empowered, fragmented, brought back together, loved, smacked, enlightened, dissociated, associated, wow’d, focussed, unfocussed, moved removed and blown away all in that order - or not. Thank you Jackey for making NLP an absolutely awesome experience!"

Diane Kocet, CEO & NLP Practitoner

nlp training grad leon" I found that I got much more than I ever thought possible...Jackey and Joseph have the unique ability to develop a relationship and empower people by showing them that there is an easier way. "

Leon Camilleri, Teacher & NLP Master Practitioner

nlp training grad glenda"Jackey makes learning NLP so quick, fun and easy! Thank you for the transformations, the amazing shifts and the experiential knowledge that I now can share with others!"

Glenda Johnson, Executive Coach, Trainer and Speaker

nlp training grad stephanie"Thank you very much Joseph, for your healing advices and sharing your knowledge of Love, Happiness, Joy and Peace with us... "

Stephanie Zammit, NLP Practitioner

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"So you want to learn how to master your mind, make better decisions, feel better? Well you've come to the right place. My name is Joseph Takuski and I' am so happy that you found me here. My passion is NLP , welcome to NLP Training Canada.

If you don't already know what NLP is, or how it can help you get those three things I just mentioned, that's perfectly o.k., that's exactly what this website is for. In our about NLP section you'll hear from Dr. Richard Bandler himself, the founder of NLP, what NLP is, why it's so effective, and why anyone would ever want to learn NLP, to help improve there life.

Plus we have tons of tips, techniques, articles, we have NLP videos, NLP audios. We also have something that we call the NLP Cloud where you can watch live recordings of the 9 day NLP practitioner training that we hold twice a year here in Canada. There's allot of information on this website and we know that it's allot to digest all at once.

So there is two things that you can do for yourself, the first thing is you can bookmark this site right now, so that you can come back whenever you want and learn the information in small manageable chunks.

The second thing you can do for yourself is, there is a little button right down there in the corner and it says download your free NLP learning guide, so if you push tat button and input your name and email.

I'll send you my 25 page ebook that's called the top eight ways to learn NLP in Canada, and I've got some really good tips some really good recommendations. I have about 10 years of experience in NLP, I'm a master practitioner of NLP so Ive got some really good advice for you. You can learn from my mistakes and experience.

Other than that, enjoy the site, happy browsing and thank you for considering One Spirit for your NLP training needs.

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